Saturday, October 28, 2017

SEAL Team - Collapse

When anti-American sentiment spikes in the South Sudan following an election the locales feel was rigged, Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and his team head out to help evacuate the American embassy. Things are complicated by the current ambassador's (Gabriel Olds) stubborn refusal to give the evacuation order while being more concerned with his legacy than the lives of his people. Sending half of his protection to evacuate aid workers who have no intention of leaving only infuriates the SEALs more making it that much more difficult to reconnect with the rest of the team and get everyone out of the country without casualties.

A career politician is an easy target and the show makes good use of the man's inaction to raise tension while providing strong scenes from both Davis (Toni Trucks) and Ellis (Jessica Paré) to properly motivate the man. The late twist of the convoy leaving without Davis and Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) proves to be a little harder to buy. The B-story involving Spencer (Max Thieriot) continues to be the shows weakest link with a heavily-foreshadowed tragedy that was impossible not to see coming as SEAL Team sends off a recurring cast member in style getting him laid, offering last-second wisdom, and using him a plot device to showcase the dangers of SEAL training.

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