Sunday, October 29, 2017

Teen Titans #13

While the rest of the Teen Titans go in search for Kid Flash to offer him a spot back on the team, against Damian's wishes, the Boy Wonder goes on his own search for a new member to fill the slot vacated when Kid Flash betrayed the Teen Titans and aligned himself with Deathstroke.

The Kid Flash-half of the story shows us that Wallace is still a bit lost and could certainly use the support of a team like the Titans, but despite Damian's flippant remark about how Starfire should try and lead the time I doubt there's any change in the Titans being able to meet Kid Flash's price for returning and get Damain to apologize for kicking Kid Flash off the team.

The other arc is a bit more interesting as Damian goes in search of someone more like himself to bolster the Titans line-up. Emiko Queen has the skills and a similar enough backstory that, in Damian's eyes, she would make a great addition. One problem: after a single conversation she turns the Boy Wonder down, flat. However, we'll see if teaming up to fight Onomatopoeia may lead to a change in heart. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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