Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lucifer - They're Back, Aren't They?

Season Three begins with a twist. While the cliffhanger of Lucifer's (Tom Ellis) kidnapping at the end of Season Two is central to the plot of the season premiere, it's not what we expect. Lucifer returns after two days in the desert to find that no one missed him. Chloe (Lauren German) just assumed he flaked again and doesn't put much credence in his story. The discovery of a murdered man buried in the desert does help convince the detective that there is a case, although Lucifer has other problems to deal with as well besides his partner's distrust.

Lucifer, and I, assumed that the return of his wings at the end of last season was a divine gift. However, the more trouble we see the things cause him (including his inability to get rid of them) seems to suggest a darker possibility. The discovery that a mystery man named the Sinnerman is responsible for his kidnapping has Lucifer quetioning not only why his wings were returned (and why is devil face is missing - leading to complications of Lucifer attempting to be truthful with Chloe), but what this mystery man wants with the former ruler of Hell?

"They're Back, Aren't They?" is a solid premiere leaving our lead character frustrated for most of the episode by forces far outside his control. Solving the case with Chloe seems to put the partners back on track professionally, but the complication of a new character inside the police station (who I really, really hope isn't the obvious choice for the Sinnerman) played by Tom Welling foreshadows possible complications for the partners later in the season. The choice to make Ella (Aimee Garcia) a complete fangirl of the new Lieutenant is a fun touch while also opening up the possibility for divided loyalties somewhere down the line.

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