Monday, October 16, 2017

Voltron - Code of Honor

With Keith (Steven Yeun) continuing to go on dangerous missions with the Blade of Marmora, and pull back from his responsibilities as a paladin of Voltron, the team is left without a pilot for the Black Lion. When what begins as a show of power to rally planets to their cause ends in a Galra attack that puts the other paladins in harms way, Shiro (Josh Keaton) is forced to make a tough choice and once again take over as the paladin of the Black Lion and the leader of Voltron.

Season Four (actually the second-half of Season Three, but who's counting?) kicks off with a solid episode that includes another game of musical chairs for the paladins. Keith's choice may make sense from his point of view, but I would be surprised if there aren't serious repercussions for both the pilot and his fellow paladins before too long. While the Galra war fleet is dangerous enough to need Voltron to step-in and stop the carnage, the villain of this episode isn't so much an external threat as internal trouble within in the team. For now, Voltron once again has five dedicated paladins. I'll be curious to see what happens next as we will begin to see the consequences of Keith's choices unfold.

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