Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Star Wars #37

Star Wars #37 offers the return of Sgt. Kreel and his elite Scar Squadron. Opening with the sergeant facing the displeasure of Darth Vader, who decides to give the Imperial soldier one last chance to prove his worth (while also remarking about a non-Sith's use of a lightsaber being highly suspect), the comic follows Kreel and his men back into action with their attack of a Rebel outpost on Horox III.

As we've seen in previous issues centered around Kreel and his Stormtroopers, they are the central characters here and more than just another group of Imperials for our Rebel heroes to overcome. Eventually we do see the core group of Rebels show up and inspect the handiwork of Kreel and his men. Based on Leia's reaction, I'd say we're in for a run-in with the two groups before too long.

While it will no doubt be fun to see Kreel and his men versus Star Wars most-famous characters, the foreshadowed conflict between Luke and his friends and Kreel is likely to also signify the end of the comic's break-out original characters. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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