Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Voltron - Reunion

"Reunion" picks up the dormant plot thread of Pidge's (Bex Taylor-Klaus) missing family. Heading out on her own with a slim lead, Pidge will find a path which will eventually lead back her to her brother Matt (Blake Anderson), unaware that her search is helping a bounty hunter with plans of selling them both to the Galra. In terms of plot, there are a couple of nagging issues here. Since when can the Green Lion cloak? And how, if it was cloaked, was the bounty hunter able to track Pidge back to her brother? That said, "Reunion" scores high on the emotional scale while letting Pidge impress her brother for a change and giving us some extra flashbacks to Pidge's life long before she became a paladin of Voltron.

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