Thursday, May 30, 2019

DuckTales - The Duck Knight Returns!

Reintroduced as a the title character of Launchpad's (Beck Bennett) favorite show, "The Duck Knight Returns!" features Jim Cummings reprising his role, this time as the actor Jim Starling who played the character Darkwing Duck on television. Relegated to small-time promotional efforts, Starling is at first ecstatic to learn of a new Darkwing Duck movie... at least until learning that he is not part of the project from director Alistair Boorswan (Edgar Wright). Teamed-up with his favorite hero, Launchpad will try and help Darkwing break into the studio and set things right... until he discovers that the new actor Drake Mallard (Chris Diamantopoulos) far more epitomizes the ideals of the Darkwing Duck than the bitter and selfish Starling.

There's plenty of hijix as Launchpad faints repeatedly at meeting his idol, Starling gets crazier and crazier about forcing his way into the film (foreshadowing the episode's final scene), and Dewey (Ben Schwartz), after learning that Scrooge (David Tennant) owns a movie studio and wants the opinion of his target audience, drives the director crazy with all of his new ideas. The episode ends with the idea of a real-life Darkwing Duck getting dangerous (sign me up if this becomes a series!) and the fallen hero taking a dark turn. Far from the dark gritty reboot Boorswan had in mind, this new version of Darkwing has plenty of heart and madcap action. Now how about that spin-off?

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