Friday, May 3, 2019

Whiskey Cavalier - Good Will Hunting

I never expected Emma's (Ophelia Lovibond) stint on the show to last all that long, but "Good Will Hunting" surprised me in the finality of her exit. I'm sad to see Lovibond go as I enjoyed Emma and Will (Scott Foley) together. Her death is put to good use here as it propels Will into a more brutal version of himself as the group hunts for his girlfriend's killer. At first Frankie (Lauren Cohan) loves the new version of her partner, fitting much more with her own outlook on life, right up until the point where she discovers just how much work it is to keep a loose canon from going off and causing all kinds of collateral damage.

The episode also keeps the bromance simmering between Standish (Tyler James Williams) and Jai (Vir Das), escalating it to special handshake, and confirms the affair between Susan (Ana Ortiz) and Ray (Josh Hopkins) - although Frankie is the only member of the team to guess their secret. The episode's final scene foreshadows trouble by suggesting that Standish's girlfriend (Marika Dominczyk) is the one responsible for Emma's death potentially making her a spy for the secret organization that the team has been tasked with rooting out.

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