Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Naomi #5

We all need a best-friend like Annabelle. Naomi #5 fills in the missing pieces to Naomi's story both through flashbacks to the cave and through Naomi telling her best friend that she's from an alternate Earth, has super-powers, and that her adoptive parents are aliens from outer space. Annabelle takes things pretty well.

Through the artifact, which she absorbs into her skin, Naomi not only unlocks her god-like powers, but also receives a message from her long-lost biological parents explaining who she is, the world she is from, and why they were forced to send her away to keep her safe from another mad god on their own Earth who wanted the child dead. All things considered, Naomi takes things pretty well, too.

Jamal Campbell produces some terrific art to go along with with this modern-take on a Superman-like origin story. Now that the prologue is done, it's time for Naomi to discover just what she can do (before the monster her parents hid her from destroys her world as well). Must-read.

[DC, $3.99]

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