Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Superior Spider-Man #5

There are two stories at play in The Superior Spider-Man #5. The first involves Otto's date which goes surprisingly well until a late admission to his true identity. His date doesn't take things all that well, running out of the apartment to the nearest policeman. However, things take an unusual turn from there as the policemen are revealed to be possessed by some kind of demons which are spreading across the city leading to the unlikely team-up of the Superior Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange arrival on-scene to discover Doctor Octopus dressed as Spider-Man does help get the two off to the best start, but the sorcerer soon discovers that Otto isn't the immediate problem. Writer Christos Gage goes deep into the MCU vault to pull out Master Pandemonium as the creature responsible for the city's ills. A living doorway to Hell, the demonic former actor is increasingly dangerous the longer he remains in New York.

Far from a must-read, there's still some odd fun here in the absurdity of Otto's date and the equally absurd new threat he'll need Strange's help to stop. For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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