Friday, May 24, 2019

James Bond 007 #7

James Bond 007 #7 flushes out the story a bit more as Bond learns at least the outline of Goldfinger's plans which involve an African diamond mine. Action is a bit light in the issue, other than Bond accosting one of Goldfinger's minions for information and another go-around with Mr. Lee (who Bond finds working for Goldfinger).

As in the original movie, the issue offers up a first encounter between James Bond and Auric Goldfinger than involves the British spy ruining a rigged poker game. This time around the action is at a casino rather than poolside (and no unlucky woman takes the punishment).

The issue continues to play up the mutual respect that Bond and Lee have built up over the arc, while distressing Moneypenny over Bond's new bromance and his willingness to go with Lee's plan and join Goldfinger's operation (at least for the time being). If Goldfinger takes the bait we should learn more about his plan as soon as the next issue, but if push comes to shove will Bond take out Lee in order to complete his mission? Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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