Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Flash - Legacy

There's quite a bit happening in the show's season finale which says farewell to two heroes, ends the season-long threat of Cicada, and brings back the show's most notorious villain. Faced with the choice to destroy the dagger and save Grace (Islie Hirvonen), thus releasing Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) from his imprisonment, or forgo saving the girl in order to stop Thawne from returning, Team Flash chooses to help the innocent. The quandary proves to be the most interesting aspect of the season-long arc, although the show never really explains how it is related to Thawne's countdown? Anyway, destroying the dagger has the expected effect to altering the future timeline, restoring the Reverse-Flash's powers... and wiping Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) out of existence.

While the character has had her share of good and bad moments, Nora has become a fan-favorite to many. Her choice to let the timeline take her rather than hide in the Negative Speed Force only to return as damaged as Thawne offers a heroic final stand for the hero who now may never exist given the changes to the show's timeline. The video message to her parents was an extra knife in the gut, though it raises continuity issues about why the journal didn't disappear from existence as well (when the person who wrote it apparently no longer exists)? The show strongly foreshadowed Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) big change multiple times over the course of the season so there's little surprise in the scientist hanging up his goggles. The exit of Sherloque isn't unexpected, especially now that the actor has another character to play, but Cavanagh sold me on yet another goofy version of the same character and I'm a bit sad to see him go. As for the Crisis, it looks like Nora's alterations of the timeline have sped up events and we'll be seeing effects as soon as the beginning of next season.

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