Friday, May 24, 2019

Whiskey Cavalier - Czech Mate

The First Season finale of Whiskey Cavalier continues the team's search for Ollerman (Dylan Walsh), at least until he shows up at their safe house and blackmails them into performing a mission for him by infecting Ray (Josh Hopkins). What was apparently set to be the series finale, ABC cancelled the series, may not be as the network is in discussions about the possibility to bring Whiskey Cavalier for a second season. This is good news for fans of the show as "Czech Mate" may wrap-up a few loose ends, such as revealing Standish's (Tyler James Williams) girlfriend to be a killer working for Ollerman, revealing Tina (Marika Dominczyk) to be Emma's (Ophelia Lovibond) killer, and finally getting Will (Scott Foley) to forgive Ray's indiscretions, the show leaves plenty still unresolved with Ollerman still on the run and the fate of Standish very much uncertain. The show has certainly made some strides over the season, and although I wouldn't be surprised to see ABC ultimately decide to cancel it, I'm also curious to see what the writers might come up with for next season.

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