Thursday, May 23, 2019

NCIS - Daughters

NCIS' latest case gets personal when Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo) shows up in the emergency room with an opioid overdose. While NCIS first believes her to be a victim, it doesn't take too long before Fornell (Joe Spano) discovers his daughter is an addict. The episode is notable for two guest-appearances, one directly tied to the Fornell storyline and one which leads into next season's premiere. The first is the return of Melinda McGraw who appears as a ghost to haunt Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and push him into taking Emily's case (despite a dubious jurisdictional claim). Gibbs has been haunted by several characters over the years, but Diane's return caps a season-long theme of the grizzled agent letting his guard down more than at any point in the show's history.

"Daughters" offers no easy answer for Emily's troubles, although she is quickly ruled out as a suspect in her dealer's murder. However, it's the other guest-appearance, a quick cameo to end the episode that is far more likely to grab fans' attention. Teased earlier in the season in the episode "She," the season finale confirms Ziva David is indeed alive as Cote de Pablo returns to reprise the role for the first time since early in the show's Eleventh Season. What still remains a mystery is the source of the threat to Gibbs large enough for Ziva to come in from the cold and just how long she may be sticking around. The show may have found a way to inject some new life by resurrecting a character thought to have been put to rest several seasons ago.

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