Thursday, September 19, 2019

Batman #78

"City of Bane" catches up with Batman and Catwoman on the road back to Gotham City. On an unnamed beach, somewhere still far from home, Catwoman continues to help Bruce Wayne get back to full strength (both physically and mentally). This means a bit of training, and quite a bit of dialogue between the pair who recognize, but are not willing to give into, the attraction that still exists between them.

Other comic writers should take note of Batman #78 which works wonderfully well as a character-driven mid-arc story (and not simply another "City of Bane" issue that marginally moves the larger arc forward). Slow-paced, but important for both Batman's recovery and his relationship with Catwoman going forward, Batman #78 is my favorite issue of the arc so far.

While I was never all that enthused with DC's plans to marry Bruce and Selina, the last-second folding of that story never set right with me either. If you want do it, do it. Batman #78 begins to help repair the damage done to both characters and reset the romantic status quo one more time. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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