Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ghost Spider Annual #1

Ghost Spider Annual #1 follows the events of the recently relaunched series where Spider-Gwen has left her home dimension and arrived in the middle of the MCU to go to college (and do a little crime busting on the side under the new name Ghost Spider). Still getting into the swing of things (so to speak), the story looks into the early days of Gwen's time at college taking a swing around campus following an lecture.

Spider-Gwen trips a long-dormant trap left for Spider-Man by the villain Arcade. To escape, she will be tested by wave after wave of fake versions of Spider-Man's most notorious enemies (and even this dimension's wall crawler himself).

Annuals are rarely the best stories (and you are always paying a higher price for them). Ghost Spider Annual #1 isn't bad, but (like most annuals) is mostly forgettable. Releasing one immediately after launching a series feels incredibly awkward, but the story offers plenty of action for our heroine and cameos from several (albeit fake versions) of Spidey's biggest baddies. For fans.


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