Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Spider-Man #1

Nobody told me there was a sudden scarcity of Spider-Men in Marvel Comics? Oh, there's not? Then why do we need a new one? And that's the real question at the heart of Spider-Man #1, isn't it.

Not wanting to be lost in the flood of Spider-Man and friends books already on the shelves every week, writers J.J. Abrams and Henry Abrams attempt to go for something shocking. Honestly, it left me cold in much the way Duke was killed off in the new G.I. JOE #1 for no other reason than to garner attention and make a splash.

Here it's Mary Jane who dies leaving an ill-equipped Peter Parker to raise their son who (after jumping several years in the future) discovers his father passed down more to him than just and old camera.

With Miles, Peter, Gwen, Ben, Kaine, and countless other web-heroes swinging around New York does Marvel really need another Spider-Man? No, and even if it did I doubt this is the one fans would ask for. Pass.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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