Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Event Leviathan #4

Event Leviathan continues as the heroes are still no closer to identifying who is behind the attack on all the DCU's spy agencies. The issue opens with Superman recounting his encounter with the apparent head of the organization, and his defeat as Leviathan was able to use some kind of temporal weapon to counter his super-speed and make off with Amanda Waller (who the group very much wants alive).

There are plenty of theories and unanswered questions here, but it's Lois Lane who take some action when Batman's team of detectives comes up empty and looks for an alternate source (an intriguing group including the Elongated Man, Zatanna, Harvey Bullock, and the younger Question). Does this new team have a lead?

Continuing to tease us while the heroes bang their heads against a wall, (something Damian puts eloquently into words in a way that states events her take place long after City of Bane has finished), Batgirl contacts Batman and company with news that she is in the belly of the beast and that most of the surviving spies have decided to join Leviathan rather than fighting it. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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