Thursday, September 19, 2019

Batman & the Outsiders #5

The Outsiders have arrived in Khadym to search for the missing Sofia Ramos. The search ends up leading the team into not one but two separate traps. For the first, Black Lightning, Katana, and Kaliber walk into with their eyes open having found Sofia. The second is sprung on the remaining members of the team while the rest fight for their lives in the desert.

Sofia is both the goal and an obstacle after being brainwashed by Ra's al Ghul. She puts up a spirited defense before Katana is able to get through to her. Or is this yet another part of the demon's trap, with Sofia still under his control, which will reveal itself at the proper moment? There's a good amount of action here, and also some team building as Black Lightning learns a bit more about Katana's past and world view.

The other fight, that between the assassin Ishmael and Cassandra Cain and Signal will have to wait until next month, but Ra's obviously has plans for Batman's pupils. Will they be up to the challenge? Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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