Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Young Justice #8

The team's travels through the Multiverse continue in Young Justice #8 when they discover they've been dropped off in the evil mirror dimension of Earth 3. The comic features our heroes getting their butts kicked (rather soundly at times) by mirror images of themselves and other heroes from their own world (although our heroes do manage to get a few licks in).

The evil version on display here are Amaxon Thunder (an evil Wonder Girl), Drake (a dickish Robin), Hex (Jinny Hex's doppelganger), Luthor-El (evil Superboy), an evil speedster to match Impulse, and a not as evil as expected version of Stephanie Brown (I'm not sure what that says about Brian Michael Bendis' view of Earth 1's Spoiler).

Like Bart, I would have been happier if the team has spend more time in Captain Carrot's world than in this one, but the comic is notable for the high-level of action (and the suggested death of one member of the team... before they have even technically become a team). For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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