Monday, September 23, 2019

Titans - Rose / Ghosts

The past returns to haunt the original Titans in "Rose" and "Ghosts" when Dr. Light (Michael Mosley) breaks out of prison and begins targeting members of the team. Dick (Brenton Thwaites) brings everyone back to Titans Tower, where the new recruits continue to train, and Jason Todd (Curran Walters) continues to be an ass (if the writers of the show were trying to capture the unlikable nature of the Todd Robin that led to fans voting he be murdered by the Joker, they are definitely going down the right path). Light certainly comes off creepy and dangerous, even if the design of his costume could use a little work, but it's the confirmation that he's working with Deathstroke (Esai Morales), something the team has yet to discover, that increases the danger for the Titans. Deathstroke's plan to divide and conquer (an immediately already divided team) begins with the capture of Todd.

Along with Dawn (Minka Kelly), Hank (Alan Ritchson), and Donna (Conor Leslie) all returning to the Tower, there's another new guest under the roof with the arrival of Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang) who Dick brings into the Tower before understanding her parentage. Like with Light, the character's look could use a little work, but Zhang fits well into the show's version of the character withe murderous intentions towards her father. Both episodes, particularly "Ghosts," make reference to the events that ended the first Titan's team. Dick is close-lipped with Rose about the Titans relationship with her father (and brother) as well as keeping the newbies at arms length about the specifics of the team's history with both Dr. Light and Deathstroke. There's no real reason for Dick to be, well, such a dick, except to unnecessarily ratchet up the tension in the Tower even further and slow play the eventual reveal for the audience. The only member not involved yet in the drama is Koriand'r (Anna Diop) dealing with the unexpected arrival of a member of her homeworld which is demanding her return.

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