Monday, September 9, 2019

Killjoys - Don’t Stop Beweaving

"Don't Stop Beweaving" begins and ends with our characters in a happy place, although there is plenty of trouble to get though in between. The episode opens with Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) celebrating the return of Lucy. After that things get a bit tricker as he and D'avin (Luke Macfarlane) work on turning prisoners into freedom fighters and Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen) and Zeph (Kelly McCormack) take a trip back to the scientist's homeworld to follow a clue about the Lady back to the world of fundamentalists who Zeph ran from years ago. Meanwhile, Khlyen (Rob Stewart) has his own troubles both mourning the loss of his daughter (who isn't yet dead) and with the Lady's latest tantrums.

The (yet-another) betrayal aboard the prison ship feels like the writers going to well once too often (but does offer some fun between the Jacqobis siblings). Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) steals more than a few minutes here, both in his unexpected knowledge and cooking prowess, and in characters commenting about the Killjoy. Ending in a family meal with most (but still not all) of the characters together, you have to wonder just how many of the good guys may fall before the battle with the Lady comes to an end. As interesting as a peak at Zeph's origins are, this feels a bit rushed but moves the season forward with the team gathering valuable insight and builds up the bond between Dutch and Zeph (who even get matching t-shirts by the end of the episode). Unable to bend Khlyen to its will, has the Lady's more emotional plea (in the absence of the daughters who he believes are dead) actually turned him to her side?

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