Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Black Cat #4

With the "King in Black" crossover complete, before moving Black Cat on to her next heist, Black Cat stops to examine the perspective of Queen Cat who has been watching and tracking Felicia for several months. I'm not wild about the art here with Nina Vakueva taking over duties with this issue. While Queen Cat works well enough, a character we don't know as well, Felicia never comes out quite right.

Presented entirely from the perspective of Queen Cat, the issue fills in some of the backstory for the character as a Hob-Hero (volunteers who were turned into a would-be heroes by the Hobgoblin) and helps explain a bit of her obsession with the Black Cat who she wants to take down and replace.

While offering several flashbacks to Queen Cat's hunt reminding us of Felicia's recent big scores, Black Cat #4 builds to an eventual throwdown between the two women as Felicia tracks down Queen Cat sooner than she anticipated and cleans her clock (although the Black Cat is amused as the idea of finally having a nemesis suggesting this competition between the pair will continue).

[Marvel, $3.99]

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