Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Far Sector #11

The City Enduring has exploded into chaos and with only 20% of her ring's power remaining Sojourner Mullein is called into action to save the day. Denied their ability to vote, the @ are rebelling. Councilman Marth has staged a coup. And @BlazeofGlory has usurped power from the usurpers and is attempting to gain control of the city. Oh, there are also the bombs placed around the city by the Council to prevent something like this from happening, which have no started to go off, and the fleet of warships that just showed up. It's been kind of a day.

The penultimate issue of the series sets the stage for an action-packed finale as Jo's work is cut out for her. With no support, and the entire city on fire from multiple threats, she'll need to work quickly in order to prevent the end of the City Enduring (and stopping @BlazeofGlory from looking at Earth to be a ripe new home).

Despite the turmoil, there is still some sanity within the city and those willing to fight to help it from devolving ever further into madness. Are their enough, however, to halt the chaos before the end comes?

[DC, $3.99]

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