Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Black Cat #5

Two series worth of heists (and Marvel's ridiculous need to reboot and restart numbering comics arbitrarily) has led us here. Over 17 issues, when not distracted by the world being attacked by some weird symbiotic entity, Black Cat has carefully chosen specific targets within the super-hero community to aquire the tools necessary to rob Odessa Drake and the New York branch of the Thieves Guild. However, it seems her mentor the Black Fox hasn't told her everything about his plans.

Opening with a look back at Felicia and the Fox as student and mentor, then discovering the Fox has been keeping secrets from her, I half expected some kind of double-cross here. Instead, the Black Fox's true motives are revealed to rob the Guild not of their jewels but the immortality they receive from their partnership with the Guilded Saint (an extradimensional creature) by offering the creature a prize like none other - the island of Manhattan.

Black Cat #5 is a solid, if odd, issue as the heist the characters have been building to has been turned on its head. The question is, what happens now?

[Marvel, $3.99]

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