Monday, April 26, 2021

Legacies - All's Well That Ends Well

The arrival of a Banshee (Elinor Gunn) confirms Hope's (Danielle Rose Russell) suspicion that the monsters from Malivore aren't after Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) this time around. They want Cleo (Omono Okojie) whose abilities as a Muse Malivore covets as a means to breaking out of the prison world. The episode also marks Hope's first encounter with the mysterious shaman/hunter who kidnaps Cleo once she leaves the school while attempting to protect the others. Cleo's selfishness helps cement her role as part of the Super Squad while the nature of her abilities helps explain the nagging mystery about her character which is finally revealed. Hope's familiarity with the hunter also suggests his identity is known to the group (even if it has yet to be reavealed).

Another Malivore monster is defeated in "All's Well That Ends Well," but thanks to Alaric (Matthew Davis) it's a peaceful rather than bloody end. Other storylines from the episode involve MG's (Quincy Fouse) and Ethan (Leo Howard) playing hero (yeah, that's going to end well), Jed (Ben Levin) providing some help and earning a bit of redemption, and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) attempting to help with Josie's (Kaylee Bryant) relationship issues until she discovers Finch (Courtney Bandeko) is a werewolf. While the discovery would seem to pave the way for Josie and Finch both relocating back to the Salvatore School, Lizzie's silence on the subject will no doubt lead to turmoil before understanding.

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