Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Home #1

With all the other awful and incompetent aspects of Donald Trump's presidency some may have forgotten the zero tolerance policy towards immigration that separated parents from children under brutal circumstances with lasting effects (hundreds have still yet to be reunited with their families). This provides the backdrop for the first issue of Home in which writer and Julio Anta and artist Anna Wieszczyk take an unflinching look through the eyes of Mercedes Gomez and her son Juan who attempt to enter the United States legally under refuge status only find the harsh reality of the "Icebox" facility far different than the promise of safety.

The five-issue mini-series has a super-hero slant, which is introduced late in the issue as a frightened Juan displays powers for the first time. While this will obviously become a larger part of the story going forward, the first issue focuses on Juan and his mother and the deeply cynical setting which ripped their family apart and provided the crucible for Juan's pain and transformation. It's an emotional beginning to a journey which I'm intrigued to see more of.

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