Tuesday, April 20, 2021

MacGyver - H20 + Orthophosphates + Mission City + Corrosion + Origins

The penultimate episode of the MacGyver reboot introduces Ernie Hudson and Wendy Raquel Robinson as Bowser's parents when Bowser (Justin Hires), MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Desi (Levy Tran) return home to deal with a death in the family. The episode fills in a bit of Mac's past, revealing where he learned to to first apply problem solving to criminal cases, as well as clue-in Bowser's parents on what he really does for a living as the group uncovers the death of a family friend was actually murder to hide local water pollution. The episode's B-story continues the threads of the nanobots as Riley (Tristin Mays) snoops around the company that built them with the help of her hacker collective. With only a single episode remaining, it seems obvious where the focus of the series finale will be.

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