Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Suicide Squad #2

Suicide Squad #2 wraps up the opening two-part story "Assault on Arkham" as the Squad struggles to get out of Arkham Asylum with Talon. Although the mission is a success, not all the members make it back as the Squad drops two members to pick up one.

The issue is mostly the team fighting for their lives and the fall-out of the mission in which Peacemaker and Superboy (who is quite different from the version recently seen in either Action Comics or Young Justice) go out it as the clone's hero complex nearly gets the entire group killed.

The issue does feature an appearance by Batman who responds to the trouble at Arkham, although there is no direct contact between the Dark Knight Detective and the Squad (although they might not have gotten out as clean with Talon as they expected thanks to Batman's arrival). As for the future of the Squad, it's still unclear what the addition of Talon means for the team and just how Superboy and Peacemaker will coexist after their dust-up.

[DC, $3.99]

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