Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #2

The second issue of Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land provides more information about Scarlett Santiago who had become a cult figure and something of a vigilante prior to disappearing over the ocean. Crashing on the hidden island, the Sky Devil was taken in by the island's ape men known as the Ohnar who not only saved the young woman's life but also transferred into her the power of their god-spirit Un-Gaah (allowing her to transform into a giant ape herself which turns out to be a useful skill when saving Hellboy from a T-Rex).

Although we do get the ape on dinosaur violence (well-timed given the recent release of Godzilla vs. Kong), Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #2 is really more about stepping back, providing some information about a new character in the vigilante turned hidden island's protector, and then setting up the evil which they will need to battle over the remaining issues as something dark stirs in the ancient temple calling out to the zealot who attempted to kill Hellboy. It appears the Ohnar have good reason to avoid the temple and I'm guessing Professor Bruttenholm's interest in it won't go over well with the locals.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

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