Monday, April 5, 2021

Legacies - Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right / Long Time, No See

The two latest episodes of Legacies play on the season's two big themes to this point: attempting to save the Salvatore Boarding School from closing down and the loss of Landon (Aria Shahghasemi). The introduction of the Leprechaun in "Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right" offers some zany fun as Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) decides to use the creature's ability to attract wealth (along with greed and madness) to try and make the money necessary to save the school in a day of fundraising that, of course, gets out of hand. The arrival of a Malivore monster also has an affect on Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) who realizes she may have a way to reach Landon after all. Hope's recklessness, and the reveal of MG's (Quincy Fouse) betrayal (which I'm still struggling to understand?) make up most of "Long Time, No See" as Hope risks everything, even her friends, in another dangerous search for Landon.

Legacies has gotten quite a bit of mileage out of the missing Landon storyline. His return at the end, thanks not to Hope but the dark magic used by Cleo (Omono Okojie), allows the show to move forward (but not without questions like why Landon doesn't mention his experience with the Necromancer in Malivore, does he honestly not remember or is there something more sinister going on here, and who is the mystery figure?). It's likely the next episode or two will deal will the fallout of actions here as relationships will need to be mended while attempting to return to a new normal. Cleo's proficiency with dark magic may also foreshadow new problems down the line as her actions in summoning the Ferryman turns out to work although it also shows the helpful new student isn't above being reckless with magic when it suits her. And the dark warrior may be part of the cost of the spell, yet to be paid.

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