Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #5

>Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #5 picks up the thread of the man killed on a yacht in Gotham Harbor from the previous issue and explores the history of Batman with former Gotham City Mayor Emerson Mayfield and his former private army of corrupt cops. After chasing out the crooked politician years before, Mayfield has returned (and taken to removing anyone that might stand in his way to reclaim his former public office).

Overall, a pretty forgettable issue. Rick Burchett has the unenviable task of following up the amazing art by Jordan Gibson from the last issue. Burchett's art is fine here, if a bit rushed in some panels that's not altogether unexpected on a title like this (but it is a huge drop-off in quality from Gibson's work that makes it hard to believe issue #4 and #5 came from the same comic).

[DC, $3.99]

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