Saturday, October 23, 2021

Catwoman: Lonely City #1

Released as part of DC's mature Black Series line, Catwoman: Lonley City #1 opens with the release of an older Selina Kyle from prison ten years after the deaths of Batman, the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, and Nightwing. Gotham has changed in her absence, with Harvey Dent as mayor of a more militarized city full of Bat-style soldier cops roaming the streets.

Less than thrilled by the changes to the city, and still haunted by the past, Selina struggles to fit in calling on old friends and finding it much harder to perform her rooftop antics after a decade in prison. She does have a mystery to solve, and a final word from a dying Batman all those years ago. Can Catwoman become the hero that the new Gotham City needs her to be?

[DC, $6.99]

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