Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Lost Symbol - Murmuration

The search continues as Professor Robert Langdon (Ashley Zukerman) and Katharine Solomon (Valorie Curry) reach back out to Nunez (Rick Gonzalez) for help and Robert reveals Mal’akh's (Beau Knapp) threat to Katharine. Ignoring the threat has dire consequences for Katharine's assistant. While we also get more of the CIA searching for answers, the episode is most notable for Langdon allowing Katharine to use her expertise to help him solve the cypher and an old film that our intrepid treasure hunters are able to find which seems to show an example of the power the portal may offer. 

More goofy than spooky, the silent film suggests, but doesn't confirm, either the existence of the portal nor what it may allow a human being to achieve. What it does is seem to imply the power of the portal is connected to Katharine's current work in unlocking human potential (which, if the legends and film are to be believed, suggests the masons unlocked centuries before). The film does act as the first tangible evidence of what Mal’akh may be after, although it's existence is still largely a mystery.

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