Monday, October 4, 2021

Leverage: Redemption - The Mastermind Job

The mid-season finale for Leverage: Redemption hits close to home for the team when they discover the existence of a tell-all book that would reveal secrets about the team and their clients to the world. Worst of all, the writer of the book is pretending to be Nate Ford. While I was expecting some nefarious purpose here, possibly an old enemy bringing the team into the light to spring a trap, that's not what writer Kate Rorick has in mind for us. Instead of finding a con man or villain, the team comes across an accountant (Joey Slotnick) and former friend to Nate.

The episode includes a fun sequence where the Leverage team scares fake Nate straight by showing him the danger would be in if the book ever saw the light of day. Life follows fiction when a corrupt deposed king (Nick E. Tarabay) kidnaps the would-be mastermind and forces fake Nate to steal a priceless jewel he plans on using to regain his throne. Of course, the team jumps in to help. The episode is notable for Sophie (Gina Bellman) being hurt that she isn't included in the memoirs and Eliot (Christian Kane) proving he has more value than as Mr. Punchy as he charms the evil king's estranged wife (Rasha Zamamiri), almost too well.

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