Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Leverage: Redemption - The Jackal Job

The team gets their newest client when Sophie (Gina Bellman) and Breanna (Aleyse Shannon) cross paths with a legendary grifter (Joanna Cassidy) fighting early-onset Alzheimer's who a crooked guardian (Kraig Dane) and an unscrupulous judge (Bill Kelly) are taking advantage of. Somewhat similar to "The Van Gogh Job," the episode includes a flashback story with one of the cast taking on the role of the main character as the team work with the legendary grifter to remember her biggest score and find what they need to free her from her current predicament.

The structure of the story not only allows the team to take down a couple of targets, but also work to help ease an uncomfortable situation of a grifter fighting off the theft of her memories. Unlike "The Van Gogh Job," only Sophie gets to play a part in the flashback with the rest of the core characters only appearing in the present. While working with the Jackal to recover her memory and find her power of attorney document allows for the eventual reuniting with the love of her life, you do have to wonder, given the skills of the team, why such documents couldn't have easily been fabricated instead. 

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