Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Lost Symbol - Diophantine Pseudonym

This show is getting dumber by the episode. Along with revealing (the rather obvious and idiotic) true identity of Mal’akh (Beau Knapp), "Diophantine Pseudonym" also showcases the cult leader having the very power he's been searching for this entire time as he wills a bullet out of his own body. It looks as ridiculous as it sounds. If he already has the power, what the hell has all this been about (other than fucking with the Solomons)? And, of course, he survives a literal cliffhanger into some of the most convenient fog ever captured on film.

For most of the episode, a captured Robert (Ashley Zukerman) works with Peter (Eddie Izzard) to make more progress in the series of clues and mysteries leading to the hidden power Mal’akh seeks (but also somehow already possesses?). Despite being free from Mal’akh, I don't see anyone giving up on the search with two episodes of the series still remaining. And Sato (Sumalee Montano) finds herself facing a career change after capturing the cult leader in the previous episode only to lose him thanks to the interference by her boss. Circumstances here also leave her unable to pay off on a promise to the Freemasons after loosing Mal’akh and their artifacts, suggesting she's not ready to give up either.

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