Monday, October 11, 2021

The Big Leap - The White Swan Lives!

The third episode of The Big Leap brings a road trip to Chicago to watch a professional ballet company perform the ballet our reality-TV stars have been working on. They then, in turn, do a performance for the professionals (which goes as bad as you would expect). The fact that the company is the one Monica (Mallory Jansen) used to headline offers a chance to explore her character a little while also twisting the knife into an old wound. Hoping for a big moment caught on film, Nick (Scott Foley) also arranges for the reunion of Justin (Raymond Cham Jr.) and his estranged father which, despite being a total dick move, may have actually helped both characters in the long run.

Mike (Jon Rudnitsky) and Paula (Piper Perabo) continue to get closer, although his obsession with getting back with his wife makes him oblivious to Paula's feelings for him (even after she shows him her breasts). It looks the show is going to continue to slow play the pair as a couple (before eventually dropping the bombshell Nick has ready in his back pocket). The love triangle without any actual love continues between Brittney (Anna Grace Barlow), Reggie (Ser'Darius Blain), and Gabby (Simone Recasner) who despite her struggles over the episode ends up the big winner after the understudy is thrust into the spotlight.

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