Thursday, October 14, 2021

Stargirl - Summer School: Chapter Ten

It's answers, revelations, and callbacks in the latest episode of Stargirl. While Courtney (Brec Bassinger) struggles to come to terms with the truth of the JSA killing Eclipso's former host years ago, and Pat (Luke Wilson) keeping the secret from her, "Summer School: Chapter Ten" provides a callback to earlier in the season with the return of Jennie (Ysa Penarejo) whose powers might just be what they need to put to Black Diamond back together (which they believe can be used to trap Eclipso). While struggling to control the instability of her powers, Jennie has been searching for her lost brother in a thread foreshadowing the introduction of at least two more DC characters in Mr. Bones and Obsidian. I'll be curious to see just what version of Bones we get, and which secret organization he's working for on this Earth.

Meanwhile Beth (Anjelika Washington) gets called in to watch over the wounded Shade (Jonathan Cake) who has reappeared after his fight with Eclipso leading to the show finally picking up some of the breadcrumbs left earlier in the season surrounding the true fate of Charles McNider (Alex Collins) while also revealing the origins of the villain's powers and their connection to Eclipso. Unfortunately for our heroes, the Shade leaves out a few key important details leading to some unexpected consequences Courtney after the diamond is reformed. And, in a tease for another upcoming B-story, Mike (Trae Romano) discovers what happened to Thunderbolt after he wished the genie away.

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