Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Batman • Superman - World's Finest #1

Batman and Superman (and Robin!) are back together in a new World's Finest team-up that gives me Batman in his classic 70s & 80s costume (with some unnecessary seams, seriously what is DC's fetish with adding seams to all its heroes costumes?). Our main story features Poison Ivy and Metallo attacking Metropolis and Batman and Robin showing up to help the Man of Steel who ends up getting injected with Red Kryptonite.

The comic goes off in multiple directions here with a separate team-up between the Man of Steel and the Dynamic Duo and also the addition of the Doom Patrol to help with an out-of-control Superman. There are some aspects of the story I enjoy, including character designs and Dan Mora's art, although once Superman gets infected (which seems to be where the comic's main storyline will be focused going forward) things bog down a bit.

[DC, $3.99]

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