Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Dragons: The Nine Realms - Fault Ripper

The six-episode First Season of Dragons: The Nine Realms concludes by turning its attention to the earthquakes that have been rocking the the ICARIS research station since the show began. While the adults come up with a plan to collapse the fissure, our intrepid dragon riders discover the source of the quakes is a burrowing Fault Ripper dragon. With all the kids of ICARIS now having their dragons, this episode acts as the first real mission for the group working together for a common goal while still keeping their secret from their parents.

The episode continues the common theme of the inattentiveness of the adults not seeing the dragons on multiple occasions. We also get a scene where the kids momentarily give up their dragons and then have to race to find them once they discover a dragon is responsible for all of ICARUS' problems. It will take the cooperation of all the dragons and their riders to try and scare off the troublesome dragon. The finale also introduces a new human character in rival scientist Wilma Sledkin (Carrie Keranen), who may or may not be sticking around for the next season as well as give Olivia (Julia Stiles) a foggy, half-conscious clue about where and his friends have been spending their time.

  • Title: Dragons: The Nine Realms - Fault Ripper
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