Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Endgame - Fairytale Wedding

The games, and stories, continue in the second episode of NBC's The Endgame. For stories, we get the almost-wedding of Elena Federova (Morena Baccarin) and death of FBI Agent Val Fitzgerald's (Ryan Michelle Bathe) mother. For games, Federova's men kidnap the Secretary of Homeland Security's son and use evidence from one of the banks to expose her corruption. The show continues the trend of Federova being three-steps ahead of everyone else including Fitzgerald who learns of another connection between the criminal mastermind and her incarcerated husband but still doesn't know what it means.

Despite making no headway on any of the bank takeovers, and another head of an agency getting taken down by evidence of their own misdeeds, no further chaos is caused in the episode. Federova seems willing to wait and toy with Fitzgerald and the government until the time is right to reveal the true purpose of her plan, which likely includes her reunion with her not-so-dead husband (Costa Ronin). But just what is her endgame, so to speak? And how large a role will Fitzgerald play, either consciously or unconsciously, before all is said and done?

  • Title: The Endgame - Fairytale Wedding
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