Thursday, March 3, 2022

Wolf Like Me - Episode 3

You have to hand it to Gary (Josh Gad), all things considered, he holds it together fairly well when presented with the unbelievable facts that the odd woman who keeps crashing into his life (apparently through no fault of her own) is a werewolf. Gad is great here, is mostly in reaction mode, as Gary struggles to hold it together while listening to Mary's (Isla Fisher) story and then races out of her life as quickly as possible. And of course Mary is in the odd position to have to reveal far more about herself than she ever planned after two dates in a relationship that seems doomed before it ever gets started.

However, as the show seems to be stating that coincidence or fate is just playing with these two at this point, the pair are brought back together again at the end of the episode when Mary (attempting to flee before Gary exposes her secret) crashes into his car, again. It seems someone up there (the producer, maybe?) seems to think these two crazy kids belong together. And, to be fair, if they can prevent Mary from eating or scaring the shit out of Gary's already emotionally-traumatized daughter, the pairing does seem to work.

  • Title: Wolf Like Me - Episode 3
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