Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Magnum Cop

Rereleased on home video as part of the Alpha Video Retrograde collection with VHS-inspired art, 1978's Magnum Cop returns to DVD. The (poorly) American dubbed version of the Italian film Poliziotto senza paura, our story centers around former cop turned private investigator Wally Spada (Maurizio Merli). After inexplicably spending the first half-hour of the film in overalls, Wally locates a missing young woman who escapes again and turns up kidnapped and held for ransom.

More shyster than great detective or action hero, Wally tells lies both large and small to enlist local help in Vienna to find the girl while uncovering a secret sex trafficking ring of school-aged prostitutes turned out by a high-class stripper (Joan Collins). The film is more notable for Collins' nude scenes than any plot or action.

  • Title: Magnum Cop
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