Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Leverage: Redemption - The Great Train Job

Leverage targets a green energy CEO (Jon Fletcher) on the verge of selling a battery powerful enough to power a small electric airplane. The problem is, the battery doesn't work. And to keep the secret, the con man has buried the evidence on farmland that has seeped into his neighbor's property, destroying their crops. As an attempt to scare the off, and prevent the couple from doing soil tests which might reveal the truth, the CEO calls on a local hate group to forcibly remove them.

While Sophie (Gina Bellman), Breanna (Aleyse Shannon), and Parker (Beth Riesgraf) infiltrate the mark's train in order to run their own con, Eliot (Christian Kane) and Harry (Noah Wyle) return to the farm to find the evidence of his crimes. The episode is most notable for Breanna making a new friend in the con man's legitimate engineer (Aury Krebs) who has all kinds of unanswered questions about the battery project. Although the con is one of the least elaborate of the series, it does have some poetic justice where Leverage uses the man's own lies against him before delivering him into the hands of the "fearsome" Canadian Mounties.

  • Title: Leverage: Redemption - The Great Train Job
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