Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Reacher - No Apologies

After returning from New York, he'll also make a trip New Orleans meeting with Neagly (Maria Sten), and putting a quick end to the subplot involving an undernourished dog, Reacher (Alan Ritchson) turns his attention back to the Kliners, the small number of cattle, and the exorbitant amount of feed on their property. Roscoe's (Willa Fitzgerald) discovery of the files that Gary, who she now knows was murdered, had hidden furthers the investigation as well as our heroes finally start to understand what is going on in Margrave.

One of the episode's highlights involves Reacher picking a public fight with KJ (Chris Webster) and his cronies which the thug causes with a little vandalism (although he underestimates his ability to stand-up to Reacher, even with backup).  With two episodes remaining the pieces of the mystery finally start falling into place with discoveries of a Kliner associated bankrupted chemical company that destroyed an Arkansas town Chester and Reacher properly motivated to wage war. However, with all roads apparently leading back to Kliner, the show takes a bit of a turn with the gruesome death of the businessman. If he isn't in fact running the counterfeiting operation, who is? 

  • Title: Reacher - No Apologies
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