Monday, March 7, 2022

The War for Earth-3 #1

Spinning out of the (surprisingly good) latest volume of Suicide Squad comes the first issue of The War for Earth-3 as Amanda Waller and her team invade the alternate Earth controlled by Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate. Meanwhile, Rick Flag's team have their own problems on Earth-0 dealing with the surprise Waller left for them.

While Waller's team takes down Power Ring and then Owlman, Ultraman is distracted by the sex games of Owlman and Superwoman providing the Squad with just the opening they need and Waller time to make her pitch to the world's most dangerous man. Aside from the seedy Owlman / Superwoman / Ultraman stuff, ick, there is plenty of action (although nowhere near $6 worth) and Waller does have a plan which her team executes leading to a new status quo. The war has begun. Hmm, okay?

[DC, $5.99]

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