Thursday, March 31, 2022

Supergirl: The Complete Series

At its highwater mark it was the best of the Arrowverse. At its weakest moments it was marginally watchable (although, even at its worst, was still better than Batwoman). All six seasons of The CW's Supergirl are collected here on 24 discs. While the quality over the full run make be inconsistent, there's quite a bit here for fans of the characters starting with Melissa Benoist as Kara.

The eventually bloated supporting roster didn't do any favors to the show or to Benoist, but is worth noting for introducing Nicole Maines as a transgender hero on a network show, even if that show struggled to find interesting things to do with her, and making some smart decisions where the casting of the Luthors (Katie McGrath and later Jon Cryer) was concerned.

The collection doesn't offer much in the way of extras for those who have already collected separate seasons. You could probably save a few bucks by cherry picking the best seasons separately at around $20 each, but, for completionists, you get one total collection here (including the full "Crisis" crossover). I don't know that Supergirl will ever be a series I'll sit down and rewatch from beginning all the way to end, but there are some truly great moments among some solid storytelling throughout most of the series run which are all collected here. As for the rest, that's what the fast-forward button is for.

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