Monday, March 21, 2022

Radiant Red #1

Radiant Red is a spin-off of an Image Comics mini-series I never read, Radiant Black. As expected, this creates some challenges for the reader. The main character is middle school teacher Satomi Shen, and super-powered criminal and bank robber Radiant Red. Since the comic doesn't go that in-depth on how her powers and costume work, I'm assuming that knowledge would have been part of the Radiant Black series. The gist seems to be, she's done bad things in the past and has attempted to put that life behind her.

What we do get in Radiant Red #1 is a look at Shen's personal life. We also are introduced to a pair of people snooping around including a reporter and someone of less scrupulous means who have a sudden interest in the bank robber. It looks like the past hasn't stayed buried, but I'm not sure I'll stick around for five issues to see where this one eventually leads.

[Image, $3.99]

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