Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Murder at the End of the World - Survivors

For a collection of supposed geniuses, these people sure are stupid. Despite having pretty solid evidence to support her claim that Bill (Harris Dickinson) was murdered, Darby (Emma Corrin) finds herself alone in the camp while others are all too willing to accept an unlikely suicide. About to be sent home by Andy (Clive Owen), Darby pushes forward finding an unexpected connection Bill had with another of the guests who will meet a similar end by the end of the episode, just before he can share a crucial piece of information, forcing, hopefully, our "geniuses" to take Darby's claims a bit more seriously.

The episode also features more flashbacks to Darby and Bill piecing together the serial killer timeline which was the basis for their book, and also their relationship. Given we've already gotten the big reveal of that story, these sections feel more and more like filler with each passing episode. As to the current crime, things finally seem to be heating up on the murder front but the lack of intelligence of pretty much every character (even, at times, Darby) is a problem that doesn't mesh well given the supposed average intelligence of those in the room.

  • Title: - Chapter 3: Survivors
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